Wireless Solutions Repair Depot

Cetacea offers a wide variety of wireless solutions support and repair and configuration services in the repair depot arena. Our 70,000 square foot Memphis facility is configured to receive, catalog and return to the customer large quantities of electronic devices for same day repair and return. Our Repair Depot processes hundreds of devices per day from all around the globe with a 16 hour turnaround time commitment. Our close proximity to both FedEx and UPS national hubs allows us to drop off shipments later than anywhere else in the US.

Cetacea has the capability to handle all-encompassing projects, including repair, upgrades, modifications and manufacturing. Our "single point of contact" approach allows for earlier customer input thereby saving time and money. Flexibility is the key in rapidly changing projects to meet deadlines and deliverables. With our tracking technology providing detailed, tailored reports, our customers receive the critical information they require, realtime.