Warehousing and Rollout Support Services

industrial wireless and warehouse logistics from Cetacea

During a project's initial development, the inevitable storage and handling warehouse logistics phase enters.

Cetacea's ability to closely coordinate all departments and supervisors into an efficient team is a definite key to a successful conclusion of our customer's projects. A unique integration exist between our Warehouse and Communications Lab allowing seamless flow of product from manufacturer to user, with setup and configuration performed efficiently in between.

In today's world of expensive and delicate equipment warehousing needs, Cetacea has a proven track record for proper handling, storage, accurate record-keeping and ensuring on-time delivery. Tracking is handled by our proprietary system that allows us to provide highly informative reports in realtime, upon demand.

Critical's from "NEXT PLANE OUT" to "Custom Delivery", Cetacea is your Industrial Wireless and Warehouse Logistics solution. Our central US based facilities offers last minute shipping later than anywhere else in the country so our customer's needs are fulfilled sooner.

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