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office wifi solutions and installation from Cetacea

Office Wi-Fi

Office areas are often environments difficult to achieve complete coverage without resorting to "carpet-bombing" the facility with numerous wireless access points. 

Cetacea's patented 5100 Series combines highly efficient components with clever design and proper installation to allow steady reliable connections where none where available before. In fact, our systems typically outperform conventional designs by a ratio of 4 to 1.

The 5100 Series is also ideal for campuses, hospitals, shopping centers and restaurants.

industrial wireless and wifi for warehouses

Warehouse Wi-Fi

With tall ceilings and filled with metal racking, warehouses are a Wi-Fi engineer's nightmare, but not for Cetacea. Our 085 Series is designed to provide complete coverage and safe access to your devices. System design places high gain antennas up high above the enclosure. Functional horizontally and vertically, design allows great flexibility during the installation and fine tuning process. Directional antenna sets focus the signal down where it is needed and create the superior "eye-in-the-sky" effect to connectivity. Remote antenna design allows use in extreme condition areas.

Enclosures are usually mounted 10' off the ground, making them accessible to IT staff using a step ladder rather than an expensive and dangerous man-lift.

outdoor wireless and wifi

Truck Yard Wi-Fi

Complete solution for all indoor and outdoor areas, these kits provide simple safe and cost effective deployment of Wi-Fi networks. These solutions are perfectly suited for truck and freight yards or any facility seeking complete coverage.

Many of the mobile communications and GPS tracking systems in use by industry today have a Wi-Fi option or component requiring a stable and reliable connection. Without this connection, they will simply error and waste money, not allowing your investment to function fully. Our systems, featuring model 5090, are proven to provide that superior service. Click HERE for a printable version of the document on the right.

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