Wireless Multi-Camera Video System with ADA Compliant Remote Control Kiosk


Two things that often don't mix well are nature and the spread of technology. A regional nature center contacted Cetacea with a problem that had been plaugeing them concerning a proposed camera system with ADA-compliant control kiosk. Previous solutions had included an invasion of trenching equipment and tractors tearing up everything in sight, which ultimately resulted in a poor performing system. 

Cetacea's solution was to use multiple wireless systems to combine high-resolution video cameras. These cameras would then be remotely viewed and operated at the ADA-compliant kiosk using a touchscreen and joystick. Each camera was strategically located to allow virtual walk-throughs of the nature center paths and lakesides. Two cameras were mounted in the middle of the centers main lakes and one up high for panoramic views.

No plants were harmed in the making of the LakeCam system.

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Request Design and install ADA-compliant camera system at public nature center
  • Remotely viewable and operable of PTZ functions
  • Aesthetically blends into park scenery
  • Nondestructive, quiet installation
  • Must meet or exceed all applicable safety and installation regulations
Solution Part Number The LakeCam System
Product Description
  • Pan, tilt, zoom cameras in weathertight environmental dome housings
  • 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz transcievers with high-gain antennas
  • PC-based multi-camera app running on closed network
  • Super-bright LED "crowd view" monitor
  • Touchscreen monitor for control
  • Multi-way joystick for camera operation
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
  • Sony Cameras
  • Times Microwave LMR-400 & LMR-195 coaxial cable, N-Bulkhead connectors
  • Cisco access point
  • Mobilemark 2.4 GHz antennas
  • Motorola Canopy
  • Cetacea - Metal Products & Cabling
In process testing performed
  • Initial Inspection - Check for quality, dimensions, pre-machining and finish
  • Manufacturing Inspection - Continual check of assembled components on production line for quality, dimensions, modification machining and finish
  • Final QC Inspection - Check for overall quality, finish, included accessories verification
Standards Met
  • Customer requirements
  • Safety and installation standards applicable for facility
  • American Disabilities Act - ADA