Covert Mount for Telematics/GPS Systems in OTR Cargo Trailers


To meet the needs of one of the world’s largest freight companies, Cetacea was enlisted to design and build a unique solution to tackle one of their rapidly growing demands.
A covert solution was needed to embed CDMA/GPS locators inside semi trailers throughout their fleet.
Cetacea engineers designed a panel that once installed appears as just another light fixture inside the trailer. Mounting the locator above the panel allowed for excellent signal penetration and antenna look-angles while remaining clear of hazards.

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Request Design and manufacture covert antenna/locator mount solution for fiberglas roofed semi-trailers
  • Covert
  • Mounts clear of forklift and worker traffic
  • Allows clear signal penetration of CDMA & GPS antennas
  • Low cost
  • Must meet or exceed all safety and installation regulations throughout USA
  • Must meet or exceed all safety and installation standards for international use
Solution Part Number F826
Product Description
  • Steel panel mimics existing trailer manufacturers light fixture panels
  • Mount machining for specific locator
  • Mounts in light locations with option for 12V light
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • In-house machining for safe use in heavy industrial transport (OTR) environments
  • Color matching of panel to existing fixtures
  • Print and application of required labeling
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Cetacea - Metal Products & Cabling
Overall Part Dimensions Panel - 16”l x 10”w x 1.5”h (406.4mm x 254mm x 138.1mm)
  • Covert design mimics existing light fixtures with 12V light option
  • Mounts to trailer roof supports clear of forklifts and workers
  • Appears as just another fixture
  • Cost-effective and long-lasting
  • Installs easily and remains secure
  • Allows excellent look-angle and signal penetration of CDMA and GPS antennas
In process testing performed
  • Initial Inspection - Check for quality, dimensions, pre-machining and finish
  • Manufacturing Inspection - Continual check of belted components on production line for quality, dimensions, modification machining and finish
  • Final QC Inspection - Check for overall quality, finish, included accessories verification
Estimated Part Weight Panel - 2 lbs. (0.9kg)
Packaging Ships in one (1) standard shipping box shippable standard freight
Standards Met
  • Customer requirements
  • Safety and installation standards for applicable vehicles