WiLAN Mounting Solution for Major Freight Transfer Station Sort Areas


To meet the needs of one of the world’s largest freight companies, Cetacea was enlisted to design and build a unique solution to tackle one of their rapidly growing demands.
WiLAN coverage was needed in places where conventional solutions would not work. Heavily used conveyor belts, cold-storage areas and container sort facilities needed coverage with no compromise of the locations abilities, still allowing maximum system performance. To top it off, an omni-directional  sensor version was needed to monitor it all.

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Request Design WiLAN mounting solution for major freight transfer station sort areas
  • Lockable protective enclosure for AP or Sensor mountable to poles or wall 10’ above floor
  • Diversity antenna mount solution to focus signal directly down to conveyor belt and processing areas
  • Variation to allow omnidirectional operation of dual-band sensor
  • Access to AP requires only an 8’ step ladder, no lift required
  • Must meet or exceed all safety and installation regulations throughout USA
  • Must meet or exceed all safety and installation standards for international use
Solution Part Number CET085
Product Description
  • Steel lockable AP enclosure with universal mounting flanges and straps
  • AP mount, antenna connector pigtails supplied for specific AP
  • Low-loss antenna cables of variable lengths 10’-100’
  • Adjustable steel channel mount containing dual high-gain down-firing antennas
  • Dual-band antennas with mount bracket for sensor version
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • In-house machining, sealing and hand assembly of enclosure for safe use in heavy industrial indoor environments
  • Production of pigtail jumper cables with connector termination by hand to insure highest quality
  • Color matching of enclosure and antenna channel based on task
  • Print and application of required labeling
  • Production of antenna cables with connector termination by hand to insure highest quality
  • In-house machining/hand assembly of antenna channel for safe use in heavy industrial indoor environments
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
  • Hoffman Enclosures
  • Times Microwave LMR-400 & LMR-195 coaxial cable, N-Bulkhead connectors
  • Maxrad semi-hemispherical 2.4 GHz panel antennas
  • Cetacea - Metal Products & Cabling
  • Electric and Pnuematic assembly tools
Overall Part Dimensions
  • Enclosure - 16”h x 12”w x 6”d (406.4mm x 304.8mm x 152.4mm)
  • Antenna Channel - 32”h x 6”w x 6”d (812.8mm x 152.4mm x 152.4mm)
In process testing performed
  • Initial Inspection - Check for quality, dimensions, pre-machining and finish
  • Manufacturing Inspection - Continual check of components on production line for quality, dimensions, modification machining and finish
  • Final QC Inspection - Check for overall quality, finish, included accessories verification
Estimated Part Weight
  • Enclosure - 16 lbs. (7.2kg)
  • Antenna Channel - 9 lbs. (4kg)
  • Mounting Kit - 9 lbs. (4kg)
Packaging Ships in three (3) standard shipping boxes shippable standard freight
Standards Met
  • Customer requirements
  • Safety and installation standards for applicable facilities