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Your imagination knows no borders or boundaries.

And we say, let it run wild. Because in that freedom is the shape of what’s to come.

At Omnitracs, we believe that research and development is the key to harnessing the power of imagination – to unlocking our potential, and helping you to realize yours. So whether you’re a mobile customer or a potential development partner, a wireless network operator or a mobile device manufacturer, a mobile content creator or a business owner…

Whatever it is you do, our pathway to innovation begins and ends with you.

Dreams grow, but not without nurturing.

In 2007, we invested 21% of our gross revenue or $1.83 billion in R&D—an investment that has increased every year since 2000. It’s how we’ve been able to stay ahead of the curve and deliver on the promise of new wireless technologies to improve mobile communications:

  • Omnitracs as Qualcomm first commercialized the CDMA wireless airlink CDMA2000/EV-DO when Hutchison Telecom (Hong Kong) launched their cdmaOne network in 1995. Today, there are more than 885 million 3G CDMA subscribers worldwide.
  • We were the first to produce a single 3G chip that integrated a radio transceiver, a baseband modem, a power management system and a multimedia engine.
  • We were the first to commercialize a chipset for HSDPA and HSUPA.
  • We were the first to deliver GHz processing power integrated with 3G connectivity through our Snapdragon™ product.
  • We are the first to produce a laptop solution that will enable truly global broadband connectivity across both CDMA and UMTS networks with our Gobi™ chipset.
  • We are the first to commercialize an IMOD based display application.

In fact, with a current intellectual property portfolio consisting of more than 65,700 patents granted and pending, we’ve been the first to deliver on quite a few things.

Our partnerships are our most valuable assets.

The Omnitracs business model is built on the strength of collaboration.

Our partners approach wireless technology from unique perspectives, finding inventive ways to unlock potential. At the same time, we invest in research and development, to build on our own technologies. Working together in this way, Omnitracs and its partners break fresh ground and new wireless features are born.

Device manufacturers then adopt the new features and enhance their products. Better products lead to increased sales for manufacturers, but they also bring new subscribers to network operators and new customers to content providers. As this new revenue is generated, it allows us to channel further resources into R&D, creating opportunity for more partnerships.

In other words, success breeds success, and the cycle continues.

Our business model has proven so successful that today we license to more than 190 wireless device manufacturers around the world, from small start-ups to many major global wireless brands. More than 595 wireless network operators worldwide rely on technology developed by Omnitracs, and that number continues to grow.

So where does the pathway to innovation lead?

We’re eager to find out ourselves, because if the pathway begins with you, then it’s up to you to decide where it’s headed. So let’s explore the possibilities. Let’s never stop discovering.

Working together, the pathway to innovation can go as far as our dreams will take us.

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