Communications Solutions Provider Cetacea Partners with IBM

The company creates business value for clients and solves business problems through integrated solutions that leverage information technology and deep knowledge of business processes. IBM solutions typically create value by reducing a client’s operational costs or by enabling new capabilities that generate revenue. These solutions draw from an industry leading portfolio of consulting, delivery and implementation services, enterprise software, systems and financing.

In IBM’s view, today’s networked economy has created a global busi- ness landscape and a mandate for business change. It also opens the opportunity to upgrade the efficiency and effectiveness of the global infrastructure through embedded information technology—what IBM calls a “smarter planet.” Smart airports, smart highways, smart supply chains are all possible. IBM is working with clients and governments around the world to explore these opportunities and implement new ideas.

Integrated global economies have opened markets of new opportunity and new sources of skills. The Internet has enabled communication and collaboration across the world and brought with it a new computing model premised on continuous global connection. In that landscape, companies can distribute work and technology anywhere in the world. IBM continues to adjust its footprint toward emerging geographies, tapping their higher growth, providing the technology infrastructure they need and taking advantage of the talent pools they provide to better service the company’s clients. At the same time, the current economic crisis increases the pressure on both businesses and governments around the world to adapt. The needs for additional transparency, security and efficiencies are clear.

Given these opportunities and economic challenges, IBM is working with its clients to develop new business designs and technical architectures that allow their businesses the flexibility required to compete in this new landscape. IBM’s strategy addresses this new era and delivers value to its clients through three strategic priorities: