ERMA Systems (Wireless LAN) Provided by Cetacea

ERMA Systems (Extended Range Multiple Antenna Systems) is Cetacea's patented line of Wireless LAN products designed for use in challenging environments.

Developed by Cetacea engineers in 2003, ERMASystems were the answer to our customer's request for a solution to thier wireless needs. They demanded:

  • High Output (capable of use in areas with extreme interference)
  • Easy Installation (cannot hamper customers workflow)
  • Safe (heavy mechanical connection to stucture)
  • Secure (locates AP high up and away from tampering or theft)
  • Rugged (up to NEMA4 rating)
  • Cost Effective (able to deploy thousands and remain in budget)

No small challenge.



Our products are in use today at thousands of locations worldwide such as airports, distribution facilities, truck yards and warehouses.

Our latest ERMASystems products employ the latest MIMO technology, allowing access point coverage far beyond anything to date. From single AP systems easily installed in a ceiling in under 5 minutes using no tools, to heavy duty steel enclosures for use even under the harshest outdoor conditions.


Shown - CET5100-TNCRP-5M (left), CET085HM (right), CET5075M (below)