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Motorola is a global communications leader powered by a passion to invent and an unceasing commitment to advancing the way the world connects.


Wireless Solutions Provider Cetacea Partners with Motorola

Unmatched reliability, gap-free security and lowest TCO through a comprehensive portfolio of wireless controllers and access points. Perfect for superior wireless VoIP, video and data performance in retail stores, hospitals, schools or industrial environments.

A leader in the wireless industry for over 80 years, Motorola offers one of the most market-proven and customer tested wireless portfolios on the market — with over a billion dollars a day transacted over Motorola WLAN infrastructures around the world.


The Motorola WLAN portfolio

Motorola’s comprehensive integrated portfolio of wireless solutions and products is designed to meet virtually any wireless networking need. Unlike typical point solutions, Motorola’s portfolio offers everything required to enable an end-to-end wireless enterprise, including wireless LAN infrastructure, mesh networks, point-to-point and point-to multipoint bridges, wireless IPS and Voice-over-WLAN solutions — all with the proven interoperability required to simplify and reduce the cost of your mobility deployments.

Our indoor WLAN portfolio includes:

  • Wireless Motorola switches/controllers — delivering the most features for one price. Motorola’s wireless LAN switch controllers provide wireless network control, scalability, security, and reliability for deployments of any size — from small offices to the largest distributed global enterprises.
  • Indoor and outdoor wireless Motorola access points — offering high performance adaptive technology and mesh networking. Motorola wireless access points provide a self- contained “network-in-a-box” that manages wireless traffic between users, access points and wireless switches. And our powerful Adaptive AP mode enables a Motorola wireless switch/controller to adopt Motorola access points, providing the best of both worlds — the ease of centralized and remote management as well as the ability to deliver uninterrupted wireless service in the event of a WAN link outage.
  • Best-in-class security. The industry-leading Motorola AirDefense Wireless Intrusion Protection System (IPS) detects and neutralizes any threat, including intruders and rogue devices, while enhancing Motorola’s integrated stateful Wireless (Layer 2-7) Firewall, VPN, AAA, and geofencing technologies. Four-factor access control includes identity, role, location, and policy compliance via NAC. Motorola AirDefense also defends non- Motorola wireless LANs with Wireless IPS, rogue elimination and more.

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