AT&T and Cetacea Partner Again Around Smart Truck Technology

July 26th, 2013

On July 23, 2013 AT&T and Cetacea partnered for the third time in recent months to host an event debuting new technologies.

This event was centerd around AT&T's Smart Truck Initiative. Regional business and government leaders were treated to demonstrations and a detailed presentaion of the trucks' capabilities. "This technology is quite impressive" said Ray McDowell, Cetacea Vice President. "The truck is amazing."

Cetacea featured new products including temporary and recovery network solutions. A few of the products highlighted were the MWS200 WiFi-in-a-case, the MWS300 high power mobile unit and the HTi-100 High Noise Headset-to-Tablet Interface.

For more information regarding AT&T's Smart Truck Initiative or any of the networking products by Cetacea, contact sales [at] cetacea [dot] com.

Smart Truck Rear
Mobile Surveillance Camera and Access Point

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