Autism Solution Center

The Autism Solution Center exists to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of individuals with Autism, and their loved ones at No Cost, and share the hope available in God. To help individuals achieve their fullest potential, enabling them to lead productive and fulfilling lives, enjoy personal relationships, and to work and live effectively in the community. These objectives will be met by providing:

  • Individualized programs based on specific needs
  • Services for individuals with autism and loved ones
  • Access to physicians and other medical professionals specializing in autism spectrum disorders
  • Providing research based therapies, services and education
  • Education about available alternative medical approaches
  • Encouraging and teaching individuals to pursue their personal goals and dreams and to overcome obstacles they may encounter
  • Building community relationships through volunteer work, public awareness campaigns, and community activities that foster involvement.

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Our Vision

Since Autism Solution Center's inception in 2002, our long term vision has encompassed a multi-million dollar facility that is multi-functional in purpose, providing all aspects of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) related services and assistance under one roof and at No Cost to families in need. Our one-stop-shop will provide; education, services, assistance, support, and the camaraderie necessary to navigate the journey through and beyond autism and related disorders. Similar to a St. Jude's for Autism, though not related to St. Jude in any way.


Update: The Autism Solution Center was forced to close it's doors in 2011, ending it's long and valued service to the community. Hopes are there for continued support of the children and families living with Austism and associated disorders.