Wireless Solutions Company Gives Back to the Community

Charity Mission Statement

For the past several years it has been our good fortune to supply a "niche" need for some truly deserving organizations.  Through usual business efforts we come across situations where organizations have retooled their technology or organizations are just upgrading and hardware becomes available.  It has been our ongoing effort to watch for this equipment, gain whatever permissions necessary to acquire it. Later we refurbish it and set it up for use by those deserving organizations. Long-term goals envision all these facilities worldwide fully outfitted with the latest communications technologies and freely networked together, sharing information and understanding.

To date, through these efforts, we have installed facility-wide WiFi networks, server racks and open computer labs at the Ronald McDonald House in Memphis, TN. and the Autism Solution Center in Cordova, TN. 

The lab at the RMH is used both by parents seeking vast amounts of information and kids gaming in virtual worlds while doing schoolwork.  Just like home.  We've also been able to setup sticker covered terminals just for the "little buckaroo's", loaded with nothing but safe fun things to do.

The server based lab at the ASC is housed in six specially designed cubicles allowing direct monitoring of up to 3 students by each therapist. This lab is used for lessons, therapy and even outside revenue generation.

These systems are heavily used and require constant repair and upgrading. Our need for donation equipment is currently greater than ever. Donations of office, computer, network equipment or furniture is accepted anytime.  Contact these organizations directly if you require tax paperwork and tell them it is for the "Cetacea" project.  We will then contact you and arrange for pickup or delivery in the Memphis area. Drop-offs are accepted at our Memphis location anytime during normal business hours.

All equipment received by us is processed entirely at our expense and all labor is provided completely free of charge.  Equipment unused by these facilities is sold on the open market and 100 percent of the proceeds are split equally between these charity organizations. Cetacea reserves the right to turn away any equipment deemed unacceptable as it's handling would place undue burden on our charitable efforts.


John Fleskes
President, CEO


If you would like to get involved or just find out more about these projects, contact us!


Contact Info:

Cetacea Sound Inc.
2950 Airways Blvd.
Memphis, TN  38116
info [at] cetacea [dot] com

Ronald McDonald House of Memphis
535 Alabama Ave.
Memphis, TN 38105

Autism Solution Center, Inc.
9282 Cordova Park Road
Cordova, TN 38018