About Wireless Solutions Company Cetacea

Our policy was simple - we saw "dedicated and honest work" as the way to achieve winning situations. Outstanding performance and quality were to be the rules, not the exception. Our staff is dedicated to providing our customers with a level of service beyond what they usually expect. So many companies have decided that completion of a job is the only goal. At Cetacea we believe that through sincere effort, intelligent planning, skillful direction and our vast experience that merely reaching completion falls far short of "a job done right". Our philosophy of listening to our customers has always been at the core of our growth and it shall continue that way. Through teamwork and knowledge, Cetacea provides our customers with incomparable service. Cetacea is the sound choice for dependable quality service.


Dalton Goolsby is our IT Manager. 

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Services Available

Cetacea offers in-house capabilities for total wireless system development. From planning and alternatives evaluation - through implementation, updates and modifications for the future. Cetacea has the experience in leading R&D teams as well as contributing the required expertise to be a valued team member. We provide a full scope of technical services from fixed and mobile systems to sales of parts and support equipment. Cetacea has wide expertise in a variety of wireless solutions, wireless communications systems, telematics, specialized LAN site survey and design, engineering and manufacturing, systems modifications, equipment logistics, gps fleet management, warehouse logistics, wireless repair and maintenance. In addition, Cetacea offers on-site field services and new systems evaluation demonstrations, anywhere in North America.

Our Leading Wireless Products and Services


Cetacea has nearly 30 years experience in technologies that are just now becoming known. We are highly knowledgeable in what it takes to support a customer's needs. Cetacea has the ability to handle the largest projects from initial inception through deployment to upgrades and repairs many years later. We have a reputation for placing our customers' needs first and remaining flexible as their needs change. No other company in the world can compare when it comes to the vast number of systems processed and total customer satisfaction.

Professional Reputation

Cetacea's strong professional reputation in the communications field is evidenced by the awards our company has received, the innovative developments with which we have been credited and by the continuous affirmation we receive from our customers. Cetacea is the recipient of numerous FedEx Bravo-Zulu Awards, an honor rarely given outside the company, and special commendations from many other industry leaders. Among our accomplishments, Cetacea is credited for the nationwide conversion of Motorola Coverage-Plus systems to Qualcomm's OmniTRACS systems, nationwide fleet rollouts for Frito Lay, Walmart and IBM to name a few. We are known for developing installation solutions, and for our cost effective methods of implementing those solutions on even the largest fleets. Among our attributes that consistently contribute to Cetacea's success, are our focus on customer communications, our commitment to excellence, and our ongoing quality improvement efforts. Our years of pioneering efforts in the research and development of installation guidelines have become the standard in many of today's most widely used devices.