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Join the mobile revolution!
The XRS solution from Omnitracs is transforming the telematics industry by allowing fleets to leverage their existing phones and tablets rather than requiring them to buy expensive on board computers.  With minimal costs to get started and low monthly subscription costs the XRS solution delivers applications and data points traditionally only available to the world’s largest fleets at a price point that fits every budget.  It’s time to level the playing field with XRS.
• 10-minute installation with no modifications to the truck
• Driver application runs on both Android and Windows Mobile devices
• Affordable Electronic Driver Logs
• As part of the Omnitracs Enterprise, you can have confidence you are working with the most reliable and dependable company in the industry
Key Features:
• Electronic Hours of Service: 395.15 Compliant Electronic Driver Logs
• Time Clock: Time tracking for Hours of Service and non-Hours of Service drivers
• Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR): Automated, compliant vehicle inspections
• International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA): Automated fuel tax reporting makes IFTA as easy as “Print, Sign, Send”
• Driver Scorecards: Rank drivers on speed, MPG, idle and safety scores
• Asset Tracking: Real-time vehicle location and utilization
• Forms-Based Messaging: Flexible form creation for driver communication
• Proof of Delivery: Image, signature and barcode capture for capturing delivery information
• Improve safety and compliance
• Reduce paperwork with Hours of Service, IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting, and DVIR applications
• Prepare for the ELD Mandate
• Provide better customer service
• Drive efficiency and profitability with vehicle performance monitoring
• Streamline your operations with customizable forms
• Retain your best drivers
Keyword Saturation Check:
Key Phrase                        Density (Ideally between 2%  and 5%)
Hours of Service                   4.56%
The XRS solution                  3.42%
Fuel Tax Reporting                2.28%
Electronic Driver Logs            2.28% 

MCP50 Solution

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Why choose the MCP50?

The new MCP50 from Omnitracs is a powerful fleet management system delivering features to manage and optimize transportation fleets.

From mapping to reporting to electronic recording, the MCP50 has all the needed features to improve productivity and safety within your fleet and keep you HOS compliant.

The easy-to-use interface makes the MCP50 a driver-friendly EOBR solution with quick installation and driver acceptance. Buy the Omnitracs MCP50 now!

Qualcomm Mcp50 Demo

Qualcomm MCP50 Features

Fleets, drivers, and owner-operators all benefit from MCP50 features:

  • Fleet communications
  • Electronic driver logs
  • Electronic Vehicle Inspection Reporting
  • HOS alerts and warnings for drivers

Manage Fleet Safety: 

Critical event reporting helps you respond to unsafe driving behaviors. Improve safety with:

  • Vehicle Inspection Reports
  • Electronic vehicle & trailer inspection reports
  • Easy driver access to inspection information
  • Critical Event Reporting for improved safety 

Stay Compliant:

The MCP50 is fully compliant with U.S. DOT regulations. Keep your drivers HOS compliant:

  • Electronic driver logs
  • Automated Hours of Service logs
  • Available driving time calculations
  • HOS alerts and warnings for drivers 

Monitor Your Fleet: 

Performance monitoring can help you manage fuel consumption and monitor driver behaviors. Improve fleet safety with:

  • Vehicle and driver performance monitoring
  • Identify and correct poor behaviors 
  • Improve fuel consumption with fleet data
  • Create individual driver performance scorecards

MCP50 Articles On Our Blog

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We continually update the blog with new information about the Omnitracs MCP50 and other EOBR news, so check back often.

Buy the Omnitracs MCP50 now!


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