New Product Release - Rapid Deployment Wi-Fi System

January 7th, 2013


Cetacea announces the debut of our latest in communications support products for emergency management and recovery, the MWS-200 Rapid Deployment WiFi System.

The MWS-200 is a rapid deployment WiFi router with high output antenna system and multi-port backhaul enclosed in an impact resistant case. The nature of the MWS-200 is one button operation by untrained operators under trying conditions. Though the kit comes with special IP67 rated cables, ethernet connections accept types common and readily available.
Very high output from such a small case is made possible by the three reverse element semi-hemispherical antennas, mounted inside . Beyond their built-in outstanding performance, we’ve arranged them in a way that allows the triple-diversity MIMO to be in-polarity with multiple clients, no matter how the case is positioned. 

The on-board router with active failover features: VPN, LTE Support, 3G/4G, Private + Guest Networks. May be used with Satellite, LTE, WiMAX, CDMA (EVDO, 1xRTT), GSM (EDGE, GPRS, HSPA, HSPA+), Cable, and DSL modems. The case can support the primary feed, for example, a satellite feed, 3 USB modems and 2 ExpressCard modems, simultaneously.


  • One switch deployment. No antennas to attach, no power outlets needed
  • High-impact flight ready case
  • 1000+ feet of WiFi range
  • Locking connectors for ethernet and power
  • 10,000mAh NiMH battery pack with smart charger and level indicator
  • Enhanced performance around walls and other obstructions
  • Dual band Wi-Fi broadcast - either 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz
  • Maximum security with both Public and Private networks
  • Dual-band WiFi, 3x3 MIMO antennas, special multi-polarized design, dual SSIDs
  • Plug-and-Play support for over 120 broadband data modems
  • Standardized platform and centralized remote management
  • Up to 20 concurrent VPN endpoint sessions
  • Compatible with Cisco, SonicWall, and other VPN termination systems
  • Flight-ready high-impact high-visibility case
  • Embedded high-gain triple-diversity (MIMO) antennas
  • 802.11 b/g/n, a/n Wi-Fi router
  • 75' CAT5e ethernet cable with weather-proof connector
  • 25' CAT5e ethernet cable with weather-proof connector
  • 12VDC battery pack
  • Smart charger with mating cable

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